B3 Manual Therapy


B3 is a manual therapy. It helps for postural improvement, injury prevention and pain management.  We use myofascial release techniques, neurokinesis muscle testing and activation work. This is a unique method in its own called Brain Body Balance. Some solutions might be achieved after just one session. But you can usually expect to do 3 - 5 sessions within 7 to 10 days of each other. Chronic or long term pain patterns might need regular attention for long term benefit, like doing monthly follow up treatments. There will be movements and releases given for you to continue with at home to help your body achieve a long term solution.  No need to prepare anything in advance of your session. Please wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move in, socks and a mask. 

Session fee R450

Please book in advance. 

Recommended treatment plan: 3 sessions 7 - 10 days apart. 

Monthly follow ups there after as needed. 

To book your B3 session,
please contact Sulene directly at: 
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