Classes available at our studio 

Private class:  Each client has their own dedicated Instructor.  

Semi-Private class:  Max 3 clients per Instructor

Group Class:  Max 8 clients for classes at the studio.  We can do up to 10 - 15 clients per class for outside venues depending on the requirements of the group.


Our main focus is Pilates.  We also offer body conditioning, MAPmovement , Barre Time and aerial fitness classes. 

We are available for call out classes on a once off or a regular basis for any of our offerings. 

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Pilates classes:

We have a large variety of Pilates equipment available at the studio.  You can do a Pilates class at a time convenient to you, or join one of the many options on our group class schedule.  Remember to start with an orientation class first,  so that we can get all relevant info for your program. 

Group class schedule

Barre Time:

Barre Time is a combination of ballet, cardio, barre and Pilates work.  It is a fun way to tone, strengthen and get your cardio in.  You will find many time slots on our group schedule.  This class is also available as a private or semi-private class. We also offer training for Barre Time Instructors. 

Body Conditioning and functional training:

You can book your body conditioning or functional training class as a private, semi-private or choose one from our group class schedule.  This is an excellent way to work on strength and cardio with an excellent instructor. 

MAP Movement

MAP Movement is a movement therapy technique.  We use your fascial anatomy to release and strengthen your body.  Our goal is pain free and functional movement.   We are very proud to have a licenced trainer in-house.   Start your MAP Movement classes with Private classes first, before joining the classes on our group class schedule. 

Aerial Fitness

Aerial fitness is a combination of circus work, yoga and Pilates all done with the use of an aerial hammock.  You will love feeling free and playing with gravity.  Experience a different dimention of movement while strengthening, toning and stretching.  We currently have private aerial classes available.

Group Pilates