We are proud of each one of our instructors.   Always going the extra mile for our clients and our studio.  We are constantly training and doing extra courses and workshops.  Our collective experience and qualifications really make our team stand out.

teaching Pilates since 2001

Sulene Ashton

Studio owner
Pilates Instructor
MAP Movement Trainer
B3 Practitioner
To bring balance into our daily lives is so difficult.  With all the demands of modern day living and the tempo of our lives today, it is often the last thing on our minds.  I feel that a consistent movement practice keeps us closer to reaching the goal of a balanced life.  It is more than just the physical results that benefit us.  The right training for you will filter through to each aspect of your existence.'
- Sulene
BASI Mentorship & Comprehensive Graduate
Slings Myofascial Training Student
MAP Movement Trainer
Barre Time Director & Founder

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teaching Pilates Since 2009

Lauren Hobbs

Studio Manager

Pilates & Barre Time Instructor


'Coming from a dancing background movement has always been a part of my life.  When I found Pilates everything fell into place and my love of movement was balanced by my love of helping people.   Our bodies were created to move, technology has forced us to be stationary...I feel that bringing movement back into our every day life is essential in creating  a happy and balance lifestyle.'

Comprehensive Pilates Instructor

Aerial Fitness Teacher

Barre Time Director & Founder


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teaching since 2016

Chrisna Wales

Pilates & Barre Time Instructor

Sports Massage Therapist

Pilates has changed my life. I went from being a dancer with scoliosis and chronic back pain to a pain free movement teacher. I am passionate about the human body in motion, and love helping my clients achieve their goals. I believe doing some sort of movement that you love everyday, leads to a happier and healthier life. Exercise brings joy to your life, when it is something that you absolutely enjoy and that is why I incorporate Barre Time into my workout routine. Come and enjoy movement with me!

BSC. Human movement Science and physiology 

Comprehensive Pilates Teacher

Barre Time Instructor & Facilitator

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teaching Pilates since 2009

Sarah-Ann Van Der Merwe

Pilates Instructor

Barre Time Instructor


Being a dancer, movement has always been a big part of my life. My father always used to say

that I don't just walk to the kitchen, I dance to the kitchen. This led me to explore how the body functions 

and what is needed to move as pain free as possible. Pilates is an integral part of my everyday life. It is rehab, it is strength, it is

flexibility and it is focus. I love helping those around me to move more freely and understand their bodies better.

My motto is movement keeps you moving, so let's move.

Comprehensive Pilates Instructor

Barre Time Instructor & Facilitator

Body Conditioning Instructor 

Professional Musical Theater Performer


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teaching movement since 2004

Elzerae Brummer

Pilates Instructor

Barre Time Instructor

Dance Teacher

The combination of being a dance teacher, personal and Group fitness trainer and Pilates instructor has opened my eyes and mind to helping different bodies with different needs.  I enjoy working with people of all ages.  I have helped many of my clients with numerous injuries and conditions to regain function and confidence in movement again.  I believe everyone has to be looked at individually and movement has to be adapted for each situation.  A moving body is a happy and healthy individual!! 

Comprehensive Pilates instructor

BASI Mat Student

Personal Trainer

Group Fitness Trainer

Barretime Instructor


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teaching since 2018

Madelane Joubert

Pilates Instructor 

Coming from a corporate back ground and trained accountant all my life, I battled with chronic back pain and stiffness.

I started doing Pilates for years with trained instructors, and all pains disappeared.  Leaving me with mobility and a healthy mind.

I always had a love for health and fitness, and then decided to become a certified instructor.

This opened my mind to a whole new world of how the body actually works.

I enjoy inspiring other people to work for the progress they want to make.


Basi  Mat  Instructor

Barre Time Instructor Trainee

DSC_0119 copy.jpg

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teaching Pilates since 2012

Jean-Marie Steyn

Pilates Instructor

'I am passionate about teaching Pilates.  The commitment and dedication from my clients inspire me every day.  I love empowering my clients through this well rounded system.  I see their lives become easier as they get stronger and feel better.  It is so rewarding to see the progress - even after one month of doing Pilates - thre is already improvement and joy. '

BASI Comprehensive Instructor

JeanMarie Portrait.jpg

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teaching Pilates since 2006

Lynne Broodryk

Pilates Instructor

Attention-to-detail is Lynné's middle name. It became part of Lynné’s personality from a young age when she spent most of her time as a dancer.  She uses this precision to assess each clients’ postural habits that they have collected over the years.  For Lynné it is like Christmas lights every time she receives a new client, a new challenge.  She has been a BASI Certified comprehensive trainer since 2006 and has very extensive work experience as a Pilates instructor, including managing her own studio and working in a Physiotherapy Practice with Jacqueline Swart.  She has also done a lot of extra training in the field of postural analysis and assessment tools.  Her favourite challenge is to work with clients who have given up the fight after an injury or permanent partial disability.  Combining Pilates, massage therapy, fascia release and Pilates Instructor tutoring is what keeps her so passionate about her job.

BASI Comprehensive Instructor


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Teaching MAP Movement Since 2017

Christelle Van der Walt

MAP Movement Trainer

I have always been an active person, must be because I love to eat, and I love my wine.

Never been actively competitive, but have tasted the flavour of gym, bootcamp, horse riding, biking, swimming, and running throughout my career.  On my journey I frequently crossed paths with people complaining about how they wish they could move better, achieve more, go further, and have less injuries.

This encouraged me to complete my M.A.P Movement Trainers coarse in 2016 and as of from 2017 I have been teaching M.A.P Movement on a permanent basis. Competed in 3, 5150 Triathlons, started jumping horses, swimming more professionally, and running my two Siberian Huskies Anna and Elsa twice a day.

No challenge is too big or too small, it is all about giving your body the tools to use your body in whatever way you deem fit.

Certified MAP Movement Trainer

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