We are proud of each one of our instructors.   Always going the extra mile for our clients and our studio.  We are constantly training and doing extra courses and workshops.  Our collective experience and qualifications really make our team stand out.

Studio Owner: The Pilates Lounge

Studio Co-owner: Inside Out Pilates Studio

Co-owner:  Pilates Retreats

Barre Time: Instructor Trainer and co-creator 

BASI Mentorship 2017

MAP movement Instructor 2017

BASI: Injuries and Pathologies 2011

BASI Comprehensive 2009

N. Dip Dance 2002

TUT Pilates Conditioning 2001

Qualified Ballet and Modern Dance Teacher 1999

Group aerobic fitness instructor 1999

**various continued education workshops and conferences attended**

Sulene Ashton

Studio Manager: The Pilates Lounge

Full time Pilates Instructor: The Pilates Lounge

Barre Time:  Instructor Trainer and co-creator

Aerial Fitness Instructor 2017

Intelligent Body: Small Equipment Workshop 2015

BASI Pre- and Post Natal Workshop 2013

Pilates Comprehensive Instructor: Top Conditioning SA: 2010

B.Tech: Musical Theatre (cum laude) 2010





Lauren Hobbs

Pilates Instructor: The Pilates Lounge

Barre Time: Principle Instructor 2017

Barre Time Instructor Course 2017

Top Conditioning SA: Comprehensive Pilates Instructor 2008

Top Conditioning SA: Body Conditioning 2009

2010 B.Tech: Musical Theatre (cum laude)

Sarah-Ann van der Merwe

Pilates Instructor:  The Pilates Lounge

Sports Massage Therapist 

Bsc. Human Movement and Physiology

Comprehensive Pilates diploma - Trifocus 

Barre Time Instructor: 2018


Chrisna Wales

Pilates Instructor: The Pilates Lounge


BASI Comprehensive Instructor 

Other training on her Pilates journey:
Clinical Pilates
Pilates for Osteoporosis
Movement anatomy
Functional movement
Muscle sonars  
SI joint problems and solutions
Trigger point therapy
The Pelvic floor anatomy and movement
Pilates for Pregnancy
Post Natal Pilates (Lynné has experienced both cesarean and normal birth)
Pilates for Kids
The Art of cueing  
Isolated stretching
Business ethics for the studio owner 

Lynne Broodryk

Pilates Instructor: The Pilates Lounge

B.Tech: Dance 

Certified AIDT Modern & Hip Hop teacher

Windsor Pilates Comprehensive Instructor

Certified Body conditioning instructor

Certified Personal and group trainer

Suspension yoga instructor: 2018

Power pump instructor: 2018

Barre Time Instructor: 2018


Elzerae Brummer

BASI Mat Instructor 2017


Madalane trained to become an instructor after being a studio client for many years.  She is a excellent mat instructor and provides group, semi-private and private classes at our studio.  She also teaches corporate classes around town in the afternoon.  

Madelane Joubert

BASI Comprehensive Pilates Instructor 

..more info to follow....


Jean-Marie Roux