Pre-Natal Pilates Program:

Pilates is the perfect pregnancy companion.  We offer a group class when we have enough pregnant ladies together.  Request times from the office.  We are available at any time during the day for you to book a Private or Semi-Private Pilates class for Pre-Natal Pilates.   We use very specific Pre-Natal exercises - this is not anything like a usual Pilates class., and the value to your body can be felt during your pregnancy.  

Post Natal Pilates Program:

This specialised program is the perfect way to move back into fitness after having your baby.  The program content is unique to our studio and we follow specific steps during this 8 - 12 week program to make sure we cover all the aspects of your personal journey.  We also have a team of specialist providers that support this program and can assist in anything from breastfeeding to pelvic function.  You are welcome to bring your baby along, or bring your nanny along, or slip out for some me-time.  When necessary, we schedule extra time for you to take care of baby whilst still making sure to cover your whole program for the day.  There is a 10% discount on all Private or Semi-Private classes booked during this program.  We also do Post Natal Group Programs on request.  The program can be extended if necessary. 

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